This is so good.

Watch as a couple walks through various stores and puts cash in cans of baby formula and into boxes of diapers.

The couple reportedly put $1000 cash in various products so that when parents opened their respective purchase, they found the gift.

If you have kids, you know how expensive baby formula and diapers are. Knowing that I highly doubt that any parent was upset to find the cash in any of the products they may have purchased.


Personally, I love videos like this. It reminds me, and it should remind you too, that there are still are so many good people out there.

In the video below, the parents who put the money in the baby items said that they were doing it because they recall the struggle that they went through while caring for their own baby.

We often hear of the "bad," but then videos like the one below remind us that people are still out there willing to help others.


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