When President Trump sent out a tweet late Tuesday night (May 30), he couldn't have realized he would create the next great meme. Without exaggeration, we can say that with six simple words, the president has forever changed human communication:

Trump covfefe tweet

Covfefe....what does it mean? Well, first let's open up the dictionary:

Let's start with an accurate depiction of when "covfefe" first emerged from the bowels of Trump's mind, out through his short fingers, and onto Twitter:

Then the internet really got to work:

Before long, the only permissible topic of discussion anywhere was covfefe...

And the movie/TV references poured in as well:

Someone even made an actual public-policy joke, too:

Finally, several hours after unleashing covfefe onto the world -- and deleting the original tweet, what a bummer -- Trump embraced his permanent transformation of the very concept of language:

We may never figure out what covfefe truly means, but know this, Mr. President: We will always wrunfffle

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