The family mailbox was this cow's buffet!

While looking out the window of their home, the Hudson family in Afton, Iowa noticed a heifer chomping away on mail from their mailbox! Erin Hudson's daughter captured video of the yearling heifer going through the mailbox like it was its own personal buffet! Erin's husband is seen trying to get the cow to leave with hopes of dropping the piece of mail in its mouth before running off. As he approaches the cow it begins to take off with the envelope still in its mouth, but eventually drops it!

While Erin's dad is trying to distract the cow, a woman is heard yelling 'drop the envelope' as they all laugh at the situation. "It's the weirdest (explative) thing I've ever seen!" As the video continues the woman says 'I hope it's nothing important'!

Erin tells Storyful:

There are yearling heifers in a lot by our house. Them getting out is almost a daily thing because they are young and just pulled from their mothers. But this is something I’ve never seen them do. After we got them away from it they didn’t get put back in their pen right away so they went back to it at some point and knocked the whole mail box over and into the ditch. It was obviously very interesting to them."

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