Walmart says it's newly revamped return service will have you in and out within thirty seconds.

The retail giant announced a new way to return items that will allow customers to fill out a form

If you return something that you purchased on Walmart's website, it takes an average of a minute and thirty seconds to get the materials needed to ship it back. If you go to the store, it will take you around three minutes to return it in person.

Starting in November, if you buy something online you can go to the Walmart app and fill out a form. After completing the form, you go to a Walmart store with a special QR code related to your specific return. You scan that QR code in the store, hand over the box with the materials or the item you purchased to a sales associate and your return is complete.

When it comes to used or damaged items, Walmart is allowing customers to return them by using a form without even having to bring the items to the store and you will still get a full refund.

A recent study showed that we spend nearly two years of our lives waiting in line, so this could definitely be a game changer—especially with the holiday season around the corner.

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