The Daily Advertiser editorial board is calling for Taylor Barras to step down as House Speaker over the fact not much has been accomplished in the current legislative session.

UL-Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross doesn’t think what’s happening at the Capitol is entirely Barras fault.

"There's not really a center it appears to this particular House and it almost makes it ungovernable," said Cross.

The Republican from New Iberia is accused by his local publication of not being able to lead lawmakers effectively and address many of the state’s problems.

Cross says there is a major anti-tax sentiment within the public and many legislators weren’t willing to go against their constituents.

"Right now government kind-of has a black eye all over the US," said Cross. "It's very hard to get people to sign on for more revenue for government because they don't trust government."

The editorial says Louisiana’s problems will not come from this House in its present form with Barras at the helm and it’s time to “reboot.”

Cross says it seems like the journalists are good government types.

"Feeling that it takes care of services and we need money to function," said Cross. "But that doesn't reflect the reality in the public or in the legislature."

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