Well, she's back at it again. Remember the young lady from Dr. Phil that dropped the line, "Cash Me Outside, How Bout That?" Well, she was involved in an altercation on a plane.

Danielle Bregoli's mother got into a heated argument with another passenger and that's when the foul-mouthed teen got involved.

She can be seen in the video stepping in between her mother and the passenger and then swinging at the person. All of this because of luggage overhead.

The teen says that the passenger grabbed her mother by the throat and that's when she intervened.

Bregoli and her mom were removed from the plane by police and she has since been banned by the airline. All of this happened at a Los Angeles airport.

Reports last week suggested that she was returning to the Dr. Phil show this week. Well, if so maybe she can drop the line, "Cash Me On The Plane, How Bout That?"

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