World War II veteran John Potter is in the process of being evicted from the Zaleski, Ohio house he built 56 years ago. But the villain of this story isn't some heartless bank bureaucrat. Instead it's Potter own daughter, Janice Cottrill, who's using the power of attorney that Potter had given to her to throw her father out on the street.

It's part of a dispute that started over the care of Potter's other child Joe, a 64-year-old autistic man who had lived at home since birth. When Potter fell ill in 2004, Cottrill and her husband took Joe in, and Potter also gave the couple his power of attorney .

However, over time, Potter didn't think his daughter and son-in-law were allowing him enough time with Joe. Their relationship deteriorated and he tried to strip his daughter of the power of attorney.

In response to this move, Cottrill used the power of attorney to snatch the deed of the house from her father. If he doesn't move out by June 12 of this year, he will be evicted.

Making Cottrill an even more unsympathetic character is the fact that she has told her dad if he pays her for the house he built with his own hands she will give him back the deed.

Enter Jaclyn Fraley, Cottrill's daughter and Potter's granddaughter. The 35-year-old has sided with her grandfather in the dispute, and is trying to crowdsource the money for her and Potter to buy the home and avoid eviction. As of now, it appears she has reached her $125,000 goal.

So maybe this story will have a happy ending. If nothing else, it proves that there are way more screwed up families than yours.

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