Is Dave Chappelle ready to end his six-year hiatus from television with a new show? Yes, kind of. Sorta.  Maybe.  According to The Daily, the comedian has been working on material and tinkering with a return that's as unconventional as his abrupt exit in 2005.

"Dave Chappelle's going back to TV," an insider of some sort told the iPad pape.  "It's not for a network.  It's for Netflix or Crackle or some other subscription service."

I'm vague, bee-itch!

Chappelle of course bailed on his massively popular Comedy Central show, 'Chappelle's Show' in its third season. He stood to make $50 million in his contract, but walked away following an epiphany on a pilgrimage to South Africa.

"I felt like some kind of prostitute or something. If I feel so bad, why keep on showing up to this place?" he told Oprah at the time.

No deal has been made, but the report indicates Chappelle is looking to bring his talents to a paid-subscription service like Netflix, Hulu or Crackle. All of these online networks have recently ramped up their original content programming. Most notably, Netflix has David Finger's 'House of Card,' priced at $100 million, set to air next year.

In the meantime, Chappelle is working on fresh material at Los Angeles comedy clubs, where one spy told The Daily his set was "really depressing. He was talking about the past, about the show."

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