Is Shreveport's own David Dee Duron really dating Kourtney Kardashian? Here's how it all went down.

Let me start by making it clear that I am great friends with David Dee and the entire Duron family. I grew up playing baseball with David Dee, and graduated from Evangel with his older brother, Dez, and lived with the Duron family for a period of time. You can imagine my joy and excitement when a now-viral photo of David Dee and Kourtney Kardashian was sent to me yesterday afternoon.

I had a big laugh right away, because I can always tell when David Dee has something up his sleeve, and his face in that photo was a classic Dee-face. Don't get me wrong, if you know Dee, you know that it is absolutely not out of the realm of possibilities for Kourtney Kardashian to be interested in him. He's easily one of the funniest, warm-hearted people you could ever meet... But I knew just by looking at the paparazzi pictures that this was a classic prank, one that only David Dee could pull off.

After speaking with the closest source possible in this situation, I can help try to clear the air. The two were in Los Angeles eating as part of a large group, that also included Dee's brother-in-law, world-renowned Vous pastor Rich Wilkerson, as well as E! News' Jason Kennedy. Jason has been friends with the family for as long as I can remember, he is also the same pastor who married Kim and Kanye.

As their dinner was ending, Jason Kennedy (knowing exactly what would happen next) convinced Dee to walk Kourtney to her car, an opportunity which David Dee willingly and readily accepted.

Then, simply put, Hollywood did it's work.

Bravo, David Dee, you are my hero.

To see the photos of these two together, click HERE.


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