Earlier this month, and thanks to some legal technicalities, TMZ reported that Demi Lovato's alleged drug dealer Brandon Johnson wouldn't be charged with providing the singer drugs that nearly killed her on July 24. But Johnson's luck just changed, and now, he's a wanted man.

So now, police are on the hunt for Johnson, and once he's arrested, his bail will be set at $26,000. Johnson had also been previously apprehended by police in March for possession of drugs and guns.

Johnson, who admitted to TMZ in August that he supplied Lovato with the drugs that amounted to an overdose, wasn't charged for his involvement in Lovato's condition, as her reaction was technically categorized as a medical emergency. Johnson wasn't even investigated at all by authorities for the event, the site reported, as Lovato's overdose was "self-induced."

TMZ reported that Johnson is infamous for peddling pills from Mexico that are laced with the incredibly dangerous fentanyl. Still, he told the site that he didn't notice anything particularly alarming about Lovato on the night of her reported overdose.

"We watched out detective shows, as usual, she's a cool girl who watches true crime detective shows," he said. "She sometimes has such long days — a stressful job, such stressful hours — so to unwind a little bit. One-hundred percent she knew what she was taking."

"It was unfortunate what happened, but for people to think that there was any misconception on my behalf is absolutely ridiculous," he added. "I'm not here to hurt anybody. I care for her very much."

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