Stay woke, Lovatics! Demi Lovato, the bearer of mind-blowing vocals and rhetorical questions, could be dropping new material from her seventh album sooner than we know.

The "Sexy Dirty Love" singer excited her fans on Twitter Thursday night (May 24), presenting her fans with the pressing proposal of a new single or… a brand-new album and songs, entirely.

It all started with one brow-raising message from the soul-bearing musician, who, for whatever reason or another, tweeted: "You don't it for me anymore."

The phrase, which appears on Lovato's sixth studio album, Tell Me You Love Me, also draws allusions to a track on the 2017 record of the same designation.

Immediately, Lovatics reacted to the obscure tweet under the belief that "You Don't Do It for Me Anymore" would mark the 25-year-old's first new single of the year. Sadly, the prospect was less a matter of fact than wishful thinking.

"And no that's not the next single… just my life right now," the "Daddy Issues" star clarified shortly after, silencing any gossip of the track being next in line for the single treatment.

After laying down the sad news, the powerhouse performer consoled her followers with a more appealing proposition: "Btw wouldn’t y’all rather have NEW songs from a NEW album and choose a NEW single from that?!" (Is this even a question, really?)

"Omg queen would love a new album!!!" YouTube star Ricky Dillion tweeted in shock. "Demi i swear to god you can’t just disappear when you tweet things like this," another user replied.

However, other fans remained committed to a new single from TMYLM, arguing: "Don't sleep on Games" and "Cry Baby remains unbothered being the best song on her discography."

A new album? Already? Say whaaa?!

For the sake of our beating hearts, Demi, we hope you're not playing games, games… gaaaaaames!

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