Former LSU Tiger football player Derrius Guice is preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft, but are some teams really concerned about his "off-field issue?"

Guice, who has never been suspended by LSU while playing football there, says that some teams are concerned about one minor off-field issue he has---PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!

Yes, the NFL prospect addressed it this week while in attendance at the LSU Pro Day. The former Tiger told a local reporter that some NFL teams may be concerned about his hobby off the field.

While both Guice and the reporter, Jacques Doucet, got a chuckle out of it, this could be an "issue" heading into the draft.

Perhaps some teams feel like this could lead to Guice being distracted while off the field or while away from the study room, but if that's all they have to worry about here then the former Tiger should be just fine.

Derrius Guice is projected to go late in the first round of the NFL Draft or early in the second round.

As for Guice's reasoning for playing video games so much, it keeps he and his friends out of trouble.

And I'm FINE with that!

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