I'm hooked on "The Bachelorette" and I'm worried about what's going to happen to Desiree Hartsock in the finale! I know all the promos ABC runs for the show are aimed at stirring up drama, but I think we might be in for a very sad ending for Desiree.

This season, it's a two-part finale and host Chris Harrison says it will be a finale like no other.

Things are not looking good for Desiree's hope of finding love. In fact, she's on the cover of the August 5 edition of US Weekly, and the story claims she gets totally rejected by both of her final guys, Drew Kenney and Brooks ForesterHowever, other stories claim she has been secretly engaged since May. So, what's the deal?

I've done a lot of searching online, and it looks like one of the guys leaves the show during the overnight dates, but she does find the right guy. The proposal will air on August 5 and happens in Antigua.

So, who is the lucky guy? HollywoodLife previously revealed who Desiree picked, and she herself has since admitted that she made the right decision.

Who ditches Des before the finale? My money is on Drew. I think he will be the one to bail on her. 

“Des didn’t see it coming,” a show source told Us Weekly. “It had happened to other bachelorettes and she knew that. But she didn’t think it would happen this time. She thought she had gotten through the drama.”