I was on a quest for some comfort food yesterday. I decided to brave Beene Boulevard because clearly, I don't love myself or care about my sanity. I roll up and there is no sign of Dickey's. I felt like John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction" just looking around wondering if anyone else was seeing the emptiness my stomach felt at that moment.

I did a little digging and turns out that I have been living under a rock. Several hearts have been broken long before mine. I did some digging on my socials and saw that several BBQ fans pulled up to get their barbecue fix and saw a sign at the door indicating that they were permanently closed.

Turns out its not just the Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Bossier that is permanently closed, the Dickey's in southeast Shreveport has also permanently closed. There is no signage, all the windows are bare.

Where will we get our sweet tea that tastes like Nana made it? Where can we get delicious brisket? What about those pulled pork sandwiches that hit the spot every time? Are you as heartbroken as I am? I hope so.

Perhaps Dickey's will miss Bossier too and make their comeback soon. One can only hope.

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