Things would certainly "Never Be the Same" again if Camila Cabello is pregnant — but is she?

On Friday (October 26), the pop star shared a stunning photo of herself posing in a little cream-colored white dress on Instagram. Featuring one hand gently cradling her belly, the singer, who is currently dating relationship expert Matthew Hussey, cryptically wrote in the caption, "You're still the only thing I did right."

Naturally, a number of fans began to speculate in the comments that Cabello was dropping a subtle hint that she is expecting her first baby with Hussey, who's been linked to Cabello since early 2018.

But it looks like the only thing Camila Cabello is pregnant with is a delicious food baby.

After being flooded with pregnancy-related comments, Cabello laughed it off, replying to fans, "Guys, don't be crazy."

"I've been touring America eating delicious foods, leave me and my belly alone!" she added.

Well, there you have it. Congratulations to Camila on her adorable food baby!

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