For pizza roll lovers everywhere, the B-52 just became your favorite aircraft.

If you've never been inside a B-52, you may be surprised to find that there is limited space in it. For such a huge aircraft, there isn't a lot of wiggle room for those inside it. However, there is a kitchen. And by kitchen, I mean an oven. And by oven, I mean a small toaster oven... in the wall. It's just big enough to cook some of your favorite meals from your childhood, like Hot Pockets or pizza rolls.

According to PBS, there are two temperature settings, 400 degrees and OFF.

For those who think an oven is obsolete on such an aircraft, think on this for a minute. The B-52 is capable of being in the air for hours, or even days. The most valuable asset you can have in that baby is a hot meal. So, needless to say, that oven is staying.

I've actually heard some great recipes from those who have mastered that oven. One woman has a killer fajita recipe. She'll take marinated meat, assorted toppings, and tortillas in a cooler. Then when it's time to eat, she'll make fajitas to order on board for the crew. That's right, steaming hot fajitas... cooked to order... on a nuclear bomber.

Life is good in the Buff.

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