While in quarantine, I've gotten caught up on one of my favorite shows. You can imagine my surprise when "SHREVEPORT" lit up my television.

Like many of you, I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad. In my opinion, it's the second-best TV show of all time, behind only The Office. My third favorite TV show of all time comes from the Breaking Bad universe as well.

Better Call Saul is truly a masterpiece. Saul Goodman, played by Bob Odenkirk, is more than worthy of this six-season story-arc, and the show would be just as excellent if it was a stand-alone.

One of the few benefits stemming from my quarantine at home has been the ability to get caught up on Better Call Saul. Its 4th season was released on Netflix a few months back, and I simply haven't had the time to enjoy it. Today, I binged the entire season and then purchased the season pass for season 5, which is halfway through its season on AMC.

Anyways, about halfway through my binge, I jumped out of my couch with disbelief. The 8th episode of season 4, accurately titled "Coushatta", centers around the small Louisiana town, despite being half a world away from Alberquerque, NM. In the episode, Saul Goodman comes up with a classic "Saul" solution to help his associate avoid jail-time. He traveled by bus from New Mexico to Coushatta, his associate's hometown, to deliver letters to the Aberquerque district attorney prosecuting his friend. Of course, Saul paid fellow bus riders to help him write the hundreds of letters, then put them all in the mail at a post office in Coushatta.

The fact that a Louisiana town was featured heavily in an episode was enough for me, then, something truly awesome came across the screen.

During one of the bus-riding scenes, Saul Goodman and his fellow riders arrive and travel through Shreveport. I can't tell by the outside surroundings if they are actually filming in Shreveport, but Shreveport is the only town not named Coushatta that gets a special shoutout. Think about all the cities he traveled through, and for whatever reason, Vince Gilligan and his crew of writers decided to give Shreveport a few seconds of airtime. How cool is that?


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