We've all had the lottery dream.  You win an obscene amount of money and then run a contest wherein 5 people find a golden pickle and thus win a tour of your magical pickle factory.  No?  Just me then?  Ok, can you at least agree that you have fantasized about winning loads of money?  Good, I was afraid we wouldn't find common ground.

Time to snap out of it, because you could be the $375,000 winner of the power-ball lottery!  The ticket was sold near New Orleans at the Petro Save gas station in Gentilly.  So if you took a trip to New Orleans, check your pockets!  The winner has not yet stepped up to claim the money!

If you were in New Orleans over the weekend, but you don't remember buying a ticket, I would still check your pockets.  For some reason, when you visit the Big Easy, the memories are a bit hazy.  You just want to be sure.

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