The Die Hard franchise refuses to die, so instead it’ll dip back into the past. The sixth film in the Bruce Willis franchise is indeed still on the way, as confirmed by director Len Wiseman, who reveals a couple more details on the project.

We’ve known for a while that Die Hard: Year One will be an origin story of sorts for John McClane. The new film will star Willis as the detective in the present-day, while jumping back to show him as a young rookie cop in the ‘70s. But that’s not the only Die Hard character we’ll get an origin story for. Holly Gennero is coming back.

While promoting his upcoming Fox series The Gifted at the TCA press tour, Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard), told /Film that the script for the sixth installment features a young Holly. As Die Hard fans will remember, Bonnie Bedelia’s ex-wife hasn’t appeared since 1990’s Die Hard 2, and was briefly mentioned in Die Hard With a Vengeance. In addition to a new actress portraying a young Holly in flashbacks, Wiseman suggested Bedelia may also be back. “There may very well be [a reunion],” he teased to the site.

The director also said that while the script from The Conjuring‘s writers Chad and Carey Hayes has been taking a while to complete, the time-hopping concept hasn’t changed. “It’s still working in parallel, cutting back and forth, what we see in the ‘70s has ramifications on present day Bruce,” he added. Willis is apparently invested in finding the right actor to play his younger self too. But none of that will begin until the script is done. Wiseman said that unlike the rushed production on Live Free or Die Hard, he wants to ensure the script is right and ready before filming begins for the next film.

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