If I might editorialize for just a moment here, the way our country treats its veterans is deplorable. Okay, I am off the soapbox, thank you.  Thankfully conditions could be improving, at least slightly for those men and women who were injured during their service to our nation.

A bill authored by Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham has been signed into law. This bill would authorize the government to extend greater benefits and compensation to those disabled veterans in our nation.

It corrals a lot of things that our veterans have been lacking as far as getting cost of living adjustments on, and this bill puts those all together.

Those are the words of Congressman Abraham in his description to the Louisiana Radio Network of what the bill provides.

According to the provisions of the legislation the increases will be tied to Social Security increases. So just exactly how much more the disabled vets will receive is still up in the air.

It’s something. I wish it could be more, but at least it’s something, and they certainly deserve it and have earned that right to receive those cost of living adjustments.

There should be a better understanding of the compensation change by November of this year.

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