Disney+ has announced it will release Constantin Film and JB Pictures’ adaptation of Black Beauty, based on the 19th century novel by Anna Sewell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is a modern retelling of the beloved children’s story. Mackenzie Foy stars as Jo Green, a teenager who forms a bond with a wild horse as she copes with the loss of her parents. The voice of the titular horse is provided by Kate Winslet. They are joined by cast members Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) and Claire Forlani (Basquiat).

The movie, directed and written by Ashley Avis, was filmed last year in South Africa. The project is already completed, and will be unveiled on Disney+ later this year. Black Beauty marks the second narrative feature film acquisition for the streaming platform, following the inspirational teen drama Clouds, which was picked up earlier this May. It's important for Disney+ to gather more feature offerings, considering nothing has been shot during the pandemic. And with no movies being released in theaters, there's no opportunities for titles to make their way to Disney+ after they finish their theatrical run.

Since Disney+'s initial launch in November of last year, many have noted the lack of exclusive, original content available on the platform. That is, besides the smash hit television series The Mandalorian. But on the movie side, things have been quiet. Hopefully Black Beauty signals a future of new movies to be released on Disney+. One can only re-watch Hamilton so many times.

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