Finally, it's time to decide as a community once and for all, IS THE BARKSDALE BUBBLE REAL?

Every single week, I get tagged on Facebook where someone has posted an image of Shreveport on their radar app and a literal bubble has formed over our fair town. I get it, when it comes to the Bubble, I'm kind of an expert and everyone wants the expert's opinion... But to be honest, I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THIS THING IS.

All I know, is that it's real and the Barksdale Bubble phenomenon is witnessed on a near-weekly basis these days. I'm not looking to get into a debate as to what it is and how it works or how much the Bubble technicians get paid to operate it efficiently.

I just want to know if you believe the Barksdale Bubble is real?

In other words, do you believe this phenomenon actually exists in some way, or is it all just radar errors?

Vote below!


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