I spend a lot of time on social media. It's actually part of my job – just as I share interesting information with you on the radio, I'm also asked to share on our station website and Facebook Page.

As we share a variety of information on our site, we receive a variety of comments. Makes sense doesn't it? As a person with a bit of influence on what you read, I make an effort to keep the information I share positive, uplifting and hopefully entertaining.

Some days when I read through the comments on our Facebook page, my heart breaks. Often times I see people commenting with negative responses to a seemingly neutral story. When I do, I'm reminded of the line from the Disney movie Bambi, 'if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.'

I believe there are times in our life when it is appropriate to correct someone's behavior or a child's mistake so that they can learn and grow. What saddens me is when we share a bit of entertainment news, and others feel the need to bash a celebrity, or an awards show created to showcase artistic achievement.

If it doesn't interest you, why comment? Why not keep scrolling until you find something that does interest you, where you can offer a positive comment and brighten someone's day.

The world is filled with enough darkness, hate and anger. Personally, I choose not to contribute to it. It is my hope that you will also find a way to counteract the pain, sadness and gossip of the world by choosing not to fuel that fire, but instead find a way to make someone else's day.

Smile at someone today. Leave a happy comment, and please don't be a troll.

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