When Six Flags management put the letters on the marquis that read "Closed For Storm" before Katrina hit, they had no idea they would never be opening the park again. For the past 15 years, Six Flags New Orleans has been rotting away in the South Louisiana heat. A new documentary aims to find out why.

A new documentary called "Closed For Storm" from Bright Sun Films tells the story of Six Flags New Orleans from the very beginning of the park up until now.

You might know the film's creator Jake Williams from the YouTube channel "Abandoned". For the past six years Williams has been exploring and filming notable abandoned structures across the Country. Williams eventually stumbled across the eerie, empty Six Flags New Orleans and knew it deserved much more than a quick YouTube video.

We sat down with a range of fascinating people, all with a unique connection to the park. We interviewed architects, upper management, theme park fans, and future developers. They all gave a detailed and unique insight into the park as well as helped us piece together the incredible true story of Six Flags New Orleans.

Williams and his crew had the same questions we've all had for the past 15 years. Why hasn't this park been torn down or redeveloped? This documentary seeks to find those answers and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has derailed the initial plans of release for this documentary, so as of now there's no official release date but they're hoping to release it soon. You can keep checking closedforstorm.com for more information.

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