No one can resist a hot, buttery waffle... Not even this former POTUS.

Today (Aug. 24) is National Waffle Day. It's a day in which we can stuff our faces with hot waffles, without a single ounce of regret or judgment from others. Gosh, I love waffles. Tonight I'll be busting out the Texas-shaped waffle iron that my southern Grandma gifted to my husband and I for our wedding. It's her way of reminding us to come visit.

This day also marks the anniversary of the first patent for a waffle iron in the United States. The patent was given to Cornelius Swartwout in 1869 on this day. A day that changed our lives forever and certainly upped our breakfast game.

JFK Library

Instead he sent along a recipe for waffles... Like a boss.

So chow down on those waffles. It's the American thing to do.

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