Don't blink, or you'll miss your chance to steal that turkey leg! Thanksgiving is two weeks away.

As of today (Nov. 9), Thanksgiving is now just two weeks away. Every year I dream of all of the traditions we have in our family and the traditional meal we consume. It's such an incredible time to be with family and do what we do best... eat.

As I prepare for this year, I think about what Thanksgiving looks like for other families. Growing up with my family in California, I just did Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and brothers. Now living close to extended family, I've been grafted into a massive 30+ member meal. No, seriously. We'll have more than 30 people at our Thanksgiving this year, and that's just on my side.

And I'm related to all of them by blood or marriage.

I love both kinds of Thanksgivings whether they are large or small. After experiencing both, it's silly to think that everyone has this massive party. So I want to know if your meal will be big or small.

How many people are you expecting around your table this year?

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