If we truly have a favorite state, this would definitely be a good choice.

Which state is your favorite? It sounds like a question you would ask a child, doesn't it? However, I think we all have a state that we just love. It could be the state we're currently living in, have lived in in the past, or maybe it's a place we love to visit often.

Do you think it's possible for the entire state of Louisiana to have a favorite state?

If everyone who lived here took a "favorite state" survey, we could easily determine which one we favor collectively. Well, that's kind of what Instagram user Matt Shirley attempted to do. I don't know much about Matt aside from the fact that he posts graphs and charts every single day. While I doubt there is much scientific evidence that went into this map, I do believe that he polled a decent chunk of his 331,000 followers. So, when you think about it, there may be something to this.

His map indicates that Louisiana's favorite state is Florida. In fact, a lot of states love Florida. I mean, what's not to like? The beach, warm temps, fresh seafood... It's a beautiful, lovable state.

Now, let me ask you this again, which state is your favorite?

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