During Monday night's College Baseball World Series game between LSU and Oregon State, an interesting public service announcement played, an announcement that on the surface promoted the idea that women's collegiate sports are as important as men's. But the ad is being criticized by some who claim the thirty second video goes a step further and promotes the further blurring of gender identity.

The controversy being stirred up by the PSA is contained in the final line: "Genders don't play sports, athletes do." And Jeff Buice on the website deliveredbygrace.com is troubled:

"The NCAA may not see it this way, but they have entered the perverse revolt against God.  We are living in a sexual and moral revolution that is twisting and spiraling out of control into the abyss of human depravity.  The NCAA can’t remain socially consistent in their positions.  While running advertisements on national television stating, “Genders don’t play sports, athletes do”—the very website of the NCAA makes a clear distinction between men’s and women’s sports.  The inconsistency is striking."

But others, including the ad's creators, say their only agenda is to promote the evolving landscape of women's sports. From the site NewsFix:

"The new campaign “Done,” from the NCAA and SS+K advertising, calls for an end
to “empowerment” ads and points-out that female athletes have been kicking ass all along and want to be known as athletes, not “female” athletes."

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