Don't judge me, we're all getting a little bored while 'sheltering in place!' I'll admit, I was a little skeptical myself on this particular computer hack, until I tried it out.

None of the results I got using random letters and digits showed anything like Andrea got during her video. I won't lie, I was hoping for something juicy!

I used Google Chrome to try this out. I didn't use Safari like she did. But the code referenced in the video is to see screen shots from random people's phones. Don't forget to switch up the two letters and four numbers to get different results. I did see a few scantily clad women, but it was mostly screen shots of people's video games. Gamers! Am I right?

BTW, I tried initials and the last four digits of several people I know. Either there's a lot of people with those initials and final four numbers for their cell phone numbers, or the people I know are even more boring than I am. So much for that theory!

Have fun! You can waste at least 15 minutes with this:) Happy Quarantining!

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