With spring right around the corner we can expect the usual flow of allergies. Every time the weather changes my allergies flare up something awful, but apparently I am not the only one. Even our pets can get a bad case of seasonal allergies.

The Humane Society says that dogs often express pollen allergy symptoms by itching. The pollen gets on their fur, makes its way down to their skin and irritates it, according to Wape.com.

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Some of the symptoms to look out for include: watery eyes, sneezing, itching, and of course runny noses. If your pup or kitty cat start to show these symptoms call up your vet and schedule an appointment.

Wape.com also suggests limiting time outside, wipe down their face after a walk to wash off the pollen buildup, and washing pets in colder water which will help with itching.

I use an oatmeal shampoo with my dog and that usually helps his itching.


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