Just like the kind of flu that people get there is a strain of influenza virus that is affecting our nation's dogs. That virus has officially made its way into Louisiana. Canine influenza symptoms include coughing, running nose, and red eyes. Should your dog start displaying these kinds of symptoms it would be a great idea to pay a visit to your local vet for a checkup.

So far Louisiana has only seen two confirmed cases of "dog flu". Both of those cases were reported in Monroe and appear to be connected with animals that participated in a dog show. It is believed that the Louisiana dogs contracted the virus from animals that were brought in from out of state to compete.

If you're wondering about the chances of your pet getting the dog flu well you shouldn't be too concerned. If your dog is a typical house dog or backyard pet that has very little contact with other animals he or she should be just fine.

The virus is spread through contact much the same way the human form of the disease is spread. There is a vaccine available but you'd need to ask your veterinarian getting your dog vaccinated.

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