Bridge inspectors in Natchez, Mississippi, were surprised to find a dog stranded on a support beam for a bridge 120 feet above the Mississippi River.


The inspectors were working on a bridge next to the bridge on which the dog was stranded, and it really was a "right place, right time" situation.

The dog was given a quick evaluation before being taken in for a thorough check by a veterinarian.

A similar situation occurred in 2015 when boaters heard a dog whimpering as they motored under the Vermilion River Bridge in Milton. Upon closer inspection, they realized that there was a dog stranded on the support structure for the bridge. The men set to work and were able to rescue the dog and return it to its rightful owner. The dog had been brought to a rabies clinic earlier that week just a few hundred yards from the bridge. While in line for the clinic, the dog was spooked by traffic and was able to slip away from its owner. Being a Grayhound, it made a quick escape and ran out of sight. The owner thought the dog had completely crossed the bridge and spent a few days searching the other side of the river, never thinking that it may have tried to jump over the bridge railing.

Kudos to those who jump into action to save pets in distress!

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