It looks like New Orleans may fix its pothole problem once and for all.

Domino's Pizza has been advertising their "Paving for Pizza" campaign where they promise to "fix potholes" in select cities around America. The contest called for people to write in and plead their case for the potholes in their community to be repaired.

Apparently, New Orleans really DOES have the worst potholes in the country.

Last week, Domino's revealed that NOLA was one of the 11 cities chosen for the pothole campaign and it was noted that the nominations were overwhelming—but there's one small catch that has some saying that New Orleans natives shouldn't get too excited.

According to The Advocate, the program includes a $5,000 grant from Domino's that will be given to City Hall, "the body already responsible for street maintenance in the first place."

Domino's spokesperson Danielle Bulger said they also give the city a stencil kit to mark up the potholes repaired with the grant money with the Domino's logo as well as magnets to apply to the city vehicles doing the work in hopes that the city will use them.

We approached the city about the grant and they accepted. We leave the details to the city, so where they want to pave and when to do it is up to them. We give it to them and hope they use them,” she said. “People are passionate about pizza and about potholes, so it goes together.

Will $5,000 be enough for New Orleans? And can Domino's come to Lafayette and fix the Evangeline Thruway next?

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