Lorena Bobbitt made an appearance yesterday. It’s hard to believe it’s been 22 years since ‘the incident.’ Apparently she’s remarried now and says her new husband has never brought up her *ahem* past… who would?!?! She knows where you sleep!

Donald Trump is taking on Starbucks and their apparently Christ-hating plain red Christmas cups. He’s proposed a boycott with regard to the coffee chain. No offense Mr. Trump, but as a Christian, I think we have bigger fish to fry then what design Starbucks has elected for their coffee cups. Let’s start with building stronger families... and if they’re all sitting around face to face and actually talking while drinking Starbucks, I’m okay with that. How about that? Now don’t forget to tithe after drinking that $7 cup of coffee!

Two different movies have been pulled from movie theaters after tanking: Jem and the Holograms and Steve Jobs.

Alexa Penavega was eliminated last night on Dancing with the Stars. Tamar Braxton avoided being sent home by showing up to dance after being hospitalized earlier in the day for pneumonia.

I’m sure he’s going to catch some flack over this. Pictures of Jason Aldean have surfaced showing him in blackface and dressed as a gang banger for Halloween. His wife, Brittany Kerr, was shown flashing gang signs and dressed like a gang banger as well.

Due to possible complications, David Nail and his wife waited as long as they could to announce they were expecting twins. They’re due in the next few weeks.

Celebrity Birthdays November 10:
Miranda Lambert 32
Ellen Pompeo 46
Tracy Morgan 47

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