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I don't know what I did to inspire your rage yesterday and make you feel like you had to tell me I was #1, but I'm sorry for whatever it was.

There I was, just minding my own business. I was jamming out to the radio, I wasn't texting and driving, I don't have any stickers or emblems on my vehicle, and I wasn't tailgating anyone. And here I am the next day, still confused over what I could have possibly done to make a nondescript man so mad that he flipped me the bird while clearly cussing both mine and my momma's name.

All I know is that I was heading home on I-20 east in the fast lane through downtown into Bossier. I wasn't impeding traffic, swerving into anyone's lane, or preventing them from getting on or off the interstate... but I noticed some guy in a random four-door sedan who was exiting two lanes over to my right, shaking his fist, clearly cussing, and aggressively flipping me off with what was really a pretty funny look on his face. He was trying hard to make sure I saw him and how mad he was. I didn't recognize him or his car ‍♀️ Sorry mystery dude. For the life of me, I can't figure who you are or what I could have done to you.

What do you think he thought I did? I posed the question on social media and got some pretty funny answers. I have to agree with David North. I bet driving around in a DOTD truck is an experience you won't ever forget! Sound off, check out the other comments and make sure to give me a follow using the post below.


What did I do? I'm still confused about something that happened yesterday. I was heading home on I-20 east in the fast...

Posted by Erin Bristol on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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