Have you ever felt that eerie feeling when you walk by mirror? When I was a kid I was scared of mirrors. I know, I was weird. Even into my teens when I had to spend evenings home alone I would still be super creeped by walking past a mirror.

Well it turns out I am not that weird after all because this is a thing that alot of people deal with. It is called  the Troxler Effect.


The Troxler Effect is an optical illusion that affects how you perceive things, both visually and mentally. Some say this effect causes the mind to create monsters in the mirror which scientists are started to connect with creepy folk lore that surrounds mirrors.

Psychology Today says that our brains tend to erase and fade out features surrounding the item we are focusing on.

"Should one elect to gaze at a mirror, into their own eyes, for a significant period of time, it is possible that other areas of their face might begin to dissipate and blend into the mirror," said Maclen Stanley of Psychology Today. "Your face can suddenly look terrifying when, for example, your forehead starts to fade away or your cheeks morph into one large, brooding mouth. In time, your entire face can become distorted and transformed into this terrifyingly mangled monstrosity."

Even if it is just an illusion it is super creepy!

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