You might have even asked the question yourself, "What is taking so long for the DOTD to start the process of replacing the deteriorating, outdated Jimmie Davis Bridge over Red River?"

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Reading between the lines, it would appear as though the biggest snag is that really no one wants to take the project on. That problem could be nearing resolution if what the La DOTD is doing today comes to fruition.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has just announced that today it will re-issue the notice of intent (NOI) for the Jimmie Davis Bridge (LA 511) capacity project in Caddo and Bossier Parishes.

Google Earth
Google Earth

Apparently when DOTD issued the first NOI for this project, only one design-builder submitted a proposal for the work, after several had previously expressed interest in tackling the project.

According to the DOTD, the reissuing of the notice of intent will ensure the necessary level of competitive procurement for the roughly $150 million project, which will provide a new bridge with expanded traffic capacity across the Red River.

“The decision to re-issue the notice of intent is made in the absolute best interest of our most valuable stakeholders – our traveling public who depend on this bridge and on the expectation that we’re utilizing the funding for the project appropriately,” said Dr. Shawn Wilson, DOTD Secretary. “It is necessary that we fulfill our due diligence in ensuring the proper amount of competitiveness in the design-build process.”

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

Issuing the NOI officially starts the process of eventually entering into a contract with a design-builder that is equipped to deliver both the bridge design and construction phases simultaneously in order to expedite the project development process.

A single design-builder will ultimately be selected for the entire project.

Responses to the NOI and the subsequent request for qualifications (RFQ) will be evaluated to establish a short-list of proposers that will be invited to submit proposals in response to the RFP.

The selection process will evaluate the ability of the proposers to plan, design, construct and control this project to provide a quality product, on or ahead of schedule.

The notice of intent will be published on the DOTD website HERE.

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