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Doug Pederson is an honorary 'Shreveport guy'. After retiring as an NFL Quarterback, Pederson's first major coaching job was being head coach of Calvary in Shreveport. From 2005-2008, Pederson led the team to a 33–7 record in the regular season and an 8–3 record in the post-season. His leadership helped turned the school into an annual powerhouse. He left to school to take an assistant coaches job with the Eagles.

After a few years as an assistant, Pederson took over as the Head Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016. And despite how his run in Philly ended, he completely changed the culture for the team. He took a team struggling to find their identity following the departure of Andy Reid and coached them to a Super Bowl win.

Now, the big question is "what's next." And, this year, the possibilities are endless. Several high quality teams are looking for their next coach including the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Los Angeles Chargers. If nothing else, despite some of the rumored issues with management, Pederson has proven he can change the culture of a struggling franchise and turn them into winners. And, unlike most years, this years there's a lot of teams that are close to being successful under the right leadership. And Doug could be that guy for any one of them.

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