It's no secret that over the years, downtown Shreveport has gained a reputation for it's nightlife and festivals, but it's becoming so much more than that. No matter what people might say, all aspects of the downtown area are thriving and only looking to get better! From new parks, apartments and many new restaurants, there's always something to do.

Sure you might have to walk a little ways, but good luck finding a downtown anywhere that doesn't require a little walking. Parking and even free parking options can be found all over the area, making our downtown even more friendly to visit. And according to annual crime reports, downtown is one of the safest areas in Shreveport.

But there's nothing to do in downtown... That statement is simply just not true! Looking for something to help kickstart your day? Why not try Rhino Coffee or Bon Temps for some coffee? There's a huge list of amazing places to get for lunch or dinner like Parish Teceaux, The Missing Link, Blind Tiger, Fully Stacked, Abby Singer's Bistro, Bistro to Go and more. Looking for something a little more on the romantic/fancy side, why not try Ernest's Orleans, SALT, William B's or The Vintage? I love that a lot, if not most of the places in downtown, are locally owned and not just another chain restaurant.

There's always something to do downtown, but it's up to you if you want to join in on the fun and help continue to make the area thrive or just sit at home and complain. I'd personally recommend getting out and enjoying this very unique and special city that we call home!

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