The details coming out of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray just keep getting stranger and stranger.

There are now allegations that Michael's kids, Prince and Paris, actually witnessed their father's death.

Jackson’s bodyguard Faheem Muhammad said, "Paris was on the ground, balled up and crying. Prince had a really shocked, just slowly crying kind of look."

Another bodyguard, Alberto Alvarez, testified today that he was told to gather up vials of propofol from Jackson's nightstand before calling 911.

He said he thought Dr. Murray was going to take the vials with them to the hospital.

The doctor also told Alvarez that Jackson was just "having a bad reaction."

Prosecutors believe that Murray didn't tell any of the bodyguards or emergency officials about the propofol.

And, of course Nancy Grace has to give her opinion... She's says that prosecutors should be going for murder instead of manslaughter.