Spider-Man: Far From Home movie set to take over theaters on July 5th this year, Dr. Pepper (AKA the Superhero of sodas) is set to release a new flavor for the first time in 5 years.  The good doctor will unleash Dark Berry on May 1st in special, commemorative cans and bottles depicting the web-slinger and other characters from the soon to be second film in the current iteration of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Pepper heads of the world rejoice at your new, fruity choice that reportedly has dark overtones of blackberry and black cherry - but don't hesitate.  According to Fox35 Orlando, the new edition is limited.  Add that into the fact that each container is a collectors item for Dr. Pepper aficionados and comic-book/superhero movie nerds - they may prove hard to come by.

The cans will not only feature Tom Holland's Spiderman, but will reportedly sport Jake Gyllenhaal as the master of illusion - Mysterio as well.


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