As far as dream jobs go, this one is pretty high on my personal list of favorites.  My current job is pretty sweet (I get paid to run my mouth), but drinking on the job because it is your job is pretty hard to beat.

Travel website The Irish Road Trip is looking to hire a freelance Guinness tester, and will pay you around $25 an hour to do so.  To make the grinding work hours go even faster, your new employer expects you to conduct your testing in the traditional way - at some of the most famous pubs in Ireland.

To be exact, the Emerald Isles travel experts will be sending you to:

  • The Gravediggers
  • The Long Hall
  • Mulligan’s
  • The Strawberry Hall
  • Gaffney’s
  • Tom Kennedy’s
  • Toners

At each of these Irish watering holes, you'll be expected to down 2 pints of the dark stuff while taking pictures and soaking in the atmosphere.  Luckily, no professional photography equipment will be necessary as the rules proclaim "no fancy camera needed – a snap with a phone is grand!"  You'll also be required to write a review detailing your experience for a running series on the greatest pubs in the Dub(lin).  The job is expected to take about 4 weeks, starting in late November.

If you'd like to throw your name in the hat, the process starts like any other worthy project (except operating a vehicle/heavy equipment, or babysitting) - with a beer.  Drink a Guinness and write a 300 word review to get the ball rolling.  Get registered beer, I mean here.

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