Looks like the new Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary, Rebekah Gee, gives a drive-through Hurricane the thumbs down. No more drive-through daiquiris? That's just un-Louisiana-like!

When out-of-town visitors come to Louisiana and have that first time drive-through daiquiri experience, they're minds are officially blown. But Gee, who resides in New Orleans, says that she is in favor of getting rid of them. In fact, she went to the legislature on March 1 and told them:

"Maybe you can help me: There's a sacred cow in this state that's called the drive-through daiquiri stand," Gee told lawmakers. "The idea that you can drive up and get liquor and drive off in your car and drink it while you're driving -- no one will let me deal with it but if you want to do it we'll be the most unpopular people here. It just befuddles me."

According to NOLA.com, this happens to be the second time that a bill has been presented to the legislature as a topic of concern, with the first time being denied.

What do you think of Gee's proposal? Agree or disagree?


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