Ordering your costume online? You better hit these deadlines otherwise you're going in your birthday suit! Most people I know order their Halloween costumes online. It's always a risk since you can only estimate when your order will arrive, that is if the look you want is even in stock! Of course, you can always expedite shipping but who wants to pay that much for something you'll probably only wear once. We also took into account that Halloween is on a Saturday, so you would want your order delivered by Friday, October 30. Especially since many will be hosting parties that day as well. To avoid the old, worn out white-bed-sheet-ghost look, you'll want to order before these drop-dead dates (pun totally intended).


Most eBayorders will take about seven days to process. It definitely depends on the seller, but to be safe give it a week. Plus, the window of delivery to your doorstep is typically two weeks. Order by October 9.


Amazon does a good job of getting your orders out by the next business day. If you order early in the morning, they can generally get your order handled the same day. If ordering late on a Friday, it will most likely not be processed until Monday. Shipping usually only takes 2-5 business day. Order by October 23.


Value shipping for Walmart is 6-9 business days. If you spend more than $50, your shipping is free. We like free. Give them a day or two to process. Order by October 19.


If your order is in stock at Target, it will be ready for shipment in 1-2 days. If you select standard shipping, your order should be at your door in 3-5 business days. Remember to avoid placing an order on a Friday. Order by October 23.

Party City

Party City says they will have your order to you in 2-6 business days. Like stated earlier, you don't want to order on a Friday, since they typically won't process that order until Monday. Order by October 22.

Spirit Halloween

We see these stores like Spirit Halloween pop up everywhere around this time of year. They are generally ransacked and picked over by the time you finally say, "Hey, let's go to that place." Also, the inventory online is much larger than in the store. They process your order online in 1-2 business days. Economy orders arrive on your door within 6-8 days. Order by October 20.


Typical BuyCostumes.com orders take 5-10 business days because the orders generally come from overseas. Order by October 18.


These guys promise to ship your order on the same day if it's received by 2 p.m. CT. Your order should be on your doorstep in 3-5 business days. If you trust that they can process your order and send it out the same day you place it, then order by October 23. Otherwise, order by October 23.

Bonus Tip

Most orders that are placed on Friday, especially if it is after 3 p.m. will not be processed until the following Monday. This will delay your delivery time. Therefore, get your orders in by Wednesday, October 21. That way your order will be processed by Friday, October 23. If you get your costume a day or two early, even better. This will give you a chance to try your costume on before your party and customize it as you see fit.

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