It's a country song just waiting to be written.

"I was drunk the day my wife tried to kill me..."

On June 14th around 10pm Bossier deputies responded to a 911 in Haughton.  The caller was a concerned neighbor of the couple that lived nearby on Burge Road. Deputies arrived on the scene to find a man whose throat had been slashed.  The only two people in the house were the victim and his wife, Adrianne Warren.  Their children had been removed from the house by a relative earlier in the evening.

When questioned about how his throat came to be cut, both Warren and her husband claimed that there might have been a home invasion.   The husband said he was very drunk and couldn't remember clearly because he had been in and out of consciousness. The man's injury was so severe that he was transported by ambulance to University Health in Shreveport.

The deputies noticed evidence in the house that someone had tried to clean up the blood left from the husband's deep gash in his throat, and discovered bloodied towels in a backyard shed.  Detectives later got a search warrant and found marijuana and a smoking device inside the house.  Warren was then arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, possession of marijuana--her second such offense--and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Five days after the incident, detectives were able to interview the man again after he had sobered up and been treated for his injuries.  (Cue the banjos.)  It was at that time that he told the investigators that on the evening of June 14th he was blind, stinking drunk and he and his wife were arguing.  He had a hazy recollection that at some point in the evening his wife tried to kill him by slashing his throat.

Tuesday morning, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Adrianne Warren on a charge of attempted 2nd degree murder and yesterday she turned herself in.  She is currently being held on a $160,000 bond.


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