So I am in the studio with Robert and Erin and I look up at the TV they have next to Robert and I asked the question, "who is that on the TV"?

I asked because the #1 the volume was turned down, #2 the bassist looked familiar, as did the drummer and keyboardist. I kept looking and I could have sworn it looked like Richard Karn singing.

Then came Robert's response. "Duran Duran".

I was in shock. Here is why

Simon LeBon from 2012

Simon LeBon 2012

Then compare that to Richard Karn of Home Improvement and Family Feud fame.







While Simon LeBon does look at bit disheveled, it is kind of weird hearing Simon LeBon's voice coming out of what looks like Richard Karn.

If you missed it from this morning, here is one of the songs they performed:

But this wasn't their first time on GMA. As a matter of fact, they have been a fan favorite of the show. Take a backwards look at the history of Duran Duran on Good Morning America.

From 2007:

From 2005:

And then there was the interview with John Taylor and John Berry from 1989 about "A View To A Kill"

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