A man was seen walking away from a bank that he allegedly robbed in New Jersey over the weekend when a dye pack exploded.

In the video below you see the suspect in a white shirt crossing the street when the "fake money" explodes sending red dye all over the suspect.

The man in the video, which police released in hopes of identifying the suspect, allegedly robbed Capital One. When he demanded money from the teller, he or she slipped in a stash of money that was loaded with the dye.


This is a common practice in banks during an armed robbery as suspects are stained with the dye. The tactic is used to help identify the person(s) responsible for the robbery.

The bank employee gave the robber $2,500, $200 of which contained the dye pack. Police are reportedly still looking for the suspect, but with the red dye all over him, it may not be too difficult in locating him after this video went viral.


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