After winning this detestable title for two consecutive years in a row, things are finally looking up for Electronic Arts.

Thanks to A.V. Club, we have learned that EA has been eliminated in Consumerist's annual "Worst Company in America" tournament. EA was actually a first round knockout in the first match of the entire tournament, where it narrowly lost to Time Warner Cable in a neck-and-neck poll. Voting was done via the Consumerist website, where the developing and publishing company has been the reigning champion of being known as the worst company for the past two consecutive years.

EA's first round elimination was most likely a result of timing. During last year's contest, EA was in the spotlight due to the DRM conundrum of SimCity, which forced players to be logged in online in order to play the anticipated simulator. Unfortunately, poor servers resulted in a plethora of players being unable to play it at all for quite some time during SimCity's launch. The year before that, EA was remembered for the conundrum of Mass Effect 3's ending. Given the release of Titanfall, fans have started to forget some of the calamities that have happened during EA's watch.