Maj. Gen. Stephen Wilson was frocked to the rank of major general during a promotion ceremony at the Barksdale Club July 15, surrounded by his family, his family of Air Force Airmen and local civic leaders. 


The presiding officer of the ceremony was Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, commander of Air Force Global Strike Command.

"I am really honored to be able to continue to serve in our Air Force and lead Airmen - it's a dream come true," said General Wilson.

Frocking is a term for a commissioned officer selected for promotion which allows them to wear the insignia of the higher grade before the official date of promotion (the “date of rank”). The need to frock is because the number of people who may serve in a particular rank is restricted by federal law. Thus, even though an individual may have been selected for promotion and confirmed by the Senate, they must often wait for a vacancy to occur in order to be officially promoted.

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