Entertainers are doing their part to help out following the tragic Manchester Concert Bombing that happened earlier this week at Britain's Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert. Eminem and Justin Timberlake have helped raise over $2 million dollars for victims of the heinous act through their efforts of bringing awareness to the issue.

The Manchester Evening News, in conjunction with the British Red Cross, have started a fund in order to raise money for the families of those who were hurt. Em and JT were among those influencers who helped with the initiative by reposting the link on their personal Twitter pages to their combined 80 million followers. Their social media, and possibly monetary, contributions, as well as those of other celebrities who have helped bring awareness to the issue, has assisted in helping raise over $2.3 million for the cause. With over 51,000 supporters so far, the fund has almost reached its goal of £2,000,000. You can donate here.

2 Chainz recently spoke about the tragedy during a recent appearance on The View. “I think that situation is very unfortunate. When people go to concerts, they feel like it’s a place to get away," he said. "You know, for some kids, it’s their first time being away from their parents. And for parents, you hope that they have a good time, get back home safely."

He continued, “So when you speak of someone like Ariana Grande, you feel like this is a concert where there shouldn’t be that much resistance. It should be safe. Because I know a lot of the content from hip-hop rappers… you just assume, even the venue insurance is just different.”

Nicki Minaj has vowed not to let the event scare her out of performing at her European tour dates.

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